Welcome to my page,

I'm a native Houstonian who has been passionate about art my whole life. I grew up watching and learning how to draw from my Mother and her love of art was instilled in me.

In my teen years I was a graffiti artist and this helped to stretch my creativity with letters, color schemes, and how to go about painting murals. At 18 I received a tattoo apprenticeship and started my career as a tattoo artist that lasted for 6 years. Tattooing helped me to understand placement, themes, and allowed me to really grow in other styles of art.

In my adult years, as you can see from the picture above, my wife and I created the best artwork of our lives. In the 11 years we have been married, I have had spurts of artistic projects and what you see on this website is a culmination of those pieces. 

2018 has been a new season for our family and we are moving forward with the hope of pursuing what I'm passionate about full time. I want to leave a legacy for my family and the generations to come. Part of that legacy is providing for my family by doing what I'm passionate about and love.

It would be my honor and pleasure to serve you with the skills God has given me. 

For His glory,